High Light 110/220V 5050 LED Strip Light

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LED Name High Voltage 5050 LED Strip Light
Part No. HXH5050-30 HXH5050-60 HXH5050-96
Voltage 110/220V
LEDs/m 30 60 96
Watts/m ≤4.4W/M ≤14.4W/M ≤26.5W/M
Run Length 5/10/20/50/100meters/roll
CCT WW/NW/CW/Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/RGB/Pink/Orange
IP Rating IP44
Cutting Unit 1m




Note:Only cut at the scissors mark,or will cause unit can not work.

SMD LED Flexible Strip SMD5050 LED STRIP LIGHT(12V-24V) (11)


1. Please note that the input voltage is 110V/240VAC, And the MIN. cut unit is 1M. It is not allowed to be arbitrarily cut;

2. Do make sure of switching off the electricity before installation and power on after check the wire connection;

3. Please make sure the installations is stable and the connection is correct in case of short circuit and potential fire;

4. Do not change or destroy the wires and spare parts privately;

5. Please avoid dragging and buckling the product in case of irreparable damage;

6. Over suggested connection length is not recommended in case of overloading, unbalanced brightness and other unexpected damages;

7.It can not light up on the reel, or the heat can not be dissipated will cause LED burned.


Imported no-toxic high temperature resistant PVC material, safety lamp. Prolong the service life of the product,always protect human health.

The widening of coated FC plate, ensure the high heat dissipation, high conductance of transmission, soft texture can be arbitrarily bent, applicable to all kinds of installation environment, widened thickened, comprehensive package of high-voltage wire, wire wrapped ,to prevent exposed, causing potential safety problems.


1. Wide applicability, easy to install and maintain;

2. Extremely luminous,with wide viewing angle;

3. Energy saving and environmental conservation, long life span;


Indoor and outdoor decoration lighting;

Landscape outlines;

Large scale back light Window display lighting;

Building contour decorative lighting;

Emergency hallway lighting;

Ad. Signs, light boxes;

Architectural decorative lighting;

Bridge edge lighting;

Showcase LED Lighting;

LED Museum Lighting;

LED Kitchen Lighting;

Display LED Lighting;

Art LED Lighting;

Display Case LED Lighting;

Wall-Graze LED Lighting;

Linear LED Lighting;

LED Retail Lighting.


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