Photoelectric university-enterprise cooperation with wenzhou vocational and technical college new recruit

To continuously improve enterprise cohesion, strengthen the talent strategy, promote enterprise culture construction, ruian lighting industry association, zhejiang heng sen step photoelectric technology co., LTD., chairman of the week, hand in hand with the signed JiaoJiao of wenzhou vocational and technical college cooperation agreement, the two sides agreed to deep cooperation in the student employment training, etc. This marked the ruian LED lighting industry in the scientific innovation, forge ahead, talent training, qiangqiang cooperation has been added on the road to a successful example.
In line with “for students employment, increase the talent for the enterprise” tenet, heng sen photoelectric technology co., LTD and wenzhou vocational and technical college has established the multi-level and comprehensive cooperation. Party secretary of the department of electrical and electronics engineering of wenzhou vocational &technical college ChaoYongJun said that in the future will continue to improve the level of school management, school education teaching quality and teaching efficiency, promote the development of vocational education business efficiency. Hope the students to take part in heng sen photoelectric work of enterprises and schools to provide them with opportunities to get plenty of exercise, during the period of heng sen photoelectric work to continue to play to wuxi, down-to-earth spirit recognised by the enterprise. To strengthen the students professional interactive exchange of visits and advantage, improve education and enterprise brand.
Since July, summer internship cooperation has kicked off, wenzhou vocational and technical college is in command personally pan teacher contact, are freshman and sophomore students of class four more than 30 people to heng sen photoelectric create positions internship. Worked as an intern in heng sen students for work and living environment, corporate culture, management mode, etc. Very satisfied, this is conducive to further play to the long-term development of bilateral cooperation, for the enterprise culture more applied talents of high quality, high skills for students to practice, training and employment to provide a bigger space.
Heng sen photoelectric technology co., LTD. General manager, hong-wei zhou to encourage students to down-to-earth, ideals, their hard work and contribution to the society. Zhou always welcome students to heng sen joint venture, and wishes the university-enterprise cooperation has a long history.


Post time: Jul-09-2012