Photoelectric was identified as “in 2011, wenzhou (innovation) of science and technology enterprises

On December 7, 2011, heng sen by wenzhou city science and technology agency identified as “wenzhou (innovation) of science and technology enterprises” in 2011.
This poll, according to the wenzhou city science and technology (innovation) enterprises that management method “(wen city branch office [2010] no. 4) the relevant provisions of the experts and the screening examination strict assessment.
Heng sen photoelectric technology co., LTD in numerous business enterprises selection, glorious selected, this is the government department to heng sen photoelectric technology co., LTD for many years of scientific and technological innovation work fully affirmed, also for the future development of science and technology constant, a kind of power and passion, will effectively promote the company all staff always keep high work passion, to do a good job in research and development, production and services for the LED lighting field in China to make due contribution to a higher level.
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Post time: Jul-17-2017