How to choose the right lighting lamp in modern factory?

Research evidence shows: bright and comfortable visual environment, not only can improve the visual health of staff, reduce visual fatigue, and can improve production efficiency, ensure the quality of technology. So how can enterprise customers of modern factory lighting choose suitable lamps and lanterns?


Factory lighting design scope and types

Factory lighting design scope includes indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, station lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, guard lighting, obstacle lighting, etc.

1.Indoor lighting 

Production plant internal lighting and R & D, office and internal lighting.

2.Outdoor installation lighting

Lighting for outdoor installations

Such as outdoor job field of shipbuilding, petrochemical enterprises kettle, tank, reaction tower, the building materials enterprise of rotary kiln,blast furnace of metallurgical enterprise, ladder, platform, power station of the gas tank, general voltage outdoor substation, power distribution equipment, outdoor type cooling water pump stations (tower) and lighting of outdoor ventilation dust removal equipment, etc.

3.Station lighting

Lighting of railway station, railway marshal-ling yard, parking lot, open storage yard, outdoor test yard, etc.

4.Vault lighting

Lighting in basement, cable tunnel, comprehensive pipe gallery and tunnel.

5.Escape lighting

Effective identification and use of lighting for evacuation passageways in buildings of the factory.

6.Obstacle lighting

The plant is equipped with extra-high buildings and structures, such as chimneys, etc., according to the regional aviation conditions and the relevant regulations need to install the sign lighting.

Selection of plant light source

  1. According to the current national lighting standard value, color rendering index (Ra), glare value, the degree of fineness of operation, the tightness of continuous operation and other factors, according to the relevant factors to determine a illumination value.
  2. Determine the lighting: indoor and outdoor should be set up general lighting, some precision processing workshop should be set up local lighting.
  3. Determine the type of lighting: including emergency lighting, evacuation lighting, and safety lighting for special operations. Workshop lighting should be set up indoors, and some road lighting and landscape lighting should be set up in the factory area.
  4. Choose light source: you can follow the following principles

(1)Energy conservation principles. This is the need to choose some high light source, such as LED light source.

(2)The requirement of light source color rendering index. Ra>80 is generally selected, while paying attention to the selection of appropriate environment color temperature.

(3)Consider operating voltage and switching frequency. General illuminant has working voltage now. If the frequency of the switch is very close, some filament light sources will reduce life.

(4)Comparison of cost performance. At present, there are many kinds of light source, the procurement department of the enterprise should pay attention to the choice of cost-effective light source. If appropriate, some samples can be purchased for testing.

The advantage of LED

With the development of LED light source, it is an inevitable trend for LED light to enter the field of factory lighting.  LED lighting has multiple advantages, become a good substitute for traditional lighting,it can provide a better production environment for workshops.

1.High Photosynthetic Efficiency

LED lighting has the characteristics of large luminous flux and high efficiency. Considering from the ceiling height and design illuminance, it is very suitable for the selection of high power, wide irradiation Angle, uniform illumination, no glare, no strobe LED projection lamp or mining lamp.

2.Low Power Consumption

While meeting the illumination requirements, LED lighting fixtures consume low power. It plays a very positive role in reducing environmental pollution and saving lighting costs of factories.

3.Long Lifetime

With the right current and voltage, the service life of leds can reach more than 100,000 hours. Based on the average lighting time of 24 hours a day, it is equivalent to at least 10 years of continuous use.

The general color rendering index of LED lamps for general lighting should meet the following requirements:

(1)The Ra should not be lower than 80 in the place where you work or stay for a long time. The Ra should not be lower than 60 in the place where the installation height is larger than 8m.

(2)Ra should not be less than 80 when used in places requiring color resolution;

(3)Ra should not be less than 90 for local lighting used for color testing. Special color rendering index R should be greater than 0.

Post time: Jul-05-2022