Compared with our childhood memories, the city night scene is really eye-opening in lighting.  Not only it has a Milky Way like visual effect, but also creates a dynamic image that simulates a fireworks bloom.

Of course, this is inseparable from the modern LED silicone neon lights, it is not only convenient to install,but also safe, electricity saving, beautiful and dazzling, now the neon will take you to open the beautiful neon journey in daily life!

Neon lights create dreamland

Who wouldn't be tempted by Bulgari's retro, fun-filled pop-up in Singapore?


Located in Shanghai Tianzifang, this store should be regarded as the Hermes of dolls, right? I heard neon lights go with a girl's heart.


Neon lights create an artistic atmosphere

This neon installation by new media artist Wang Xin recreates an unforgettable pink room that is dazzling, ambiguous and cold, immersing the senses in a rose-colored neon world.


In the Blank lab of Beijing, neon light afternoon tea + bar is the standard. The layout of the store mainly depends on neon lights to change various colors, which have different effects during the day and night. The little sisters who come to take photos do not want to leave.


Shenzhen neon net red bar, from the Chinese hall is a two-layer neon world, easily constructed the new style of art, atmosphere invincible decompression, no wonder the popularity of the overflow.


Neon lights show local characteristics

The hot pot shop in Chengdu attracts men and women under neon lights with feelings. Especially after night, the colorful neon lights, in the noisy boiling crowd is particularly eye-catching.


This is a Mexican restaurant located in Bali. It is a characteristic restaurant with bright colors during the day, but at night, it can change the neon colors and turn into a psychedelic nightclub in a second. Is it cool to operate like this?


A Neon stage

Neon wedding space, isn't it the most stylish and cool wedding space you've ever wanted? Neon lights can do the same thing if you want explosion effect.


Neon lights can turn a dull corner into a visual home anytime and anywhere. Whether it's a high-end banquet or a private party, the lighting can always be easily realized what you want.


If a neon sign is enough to make you a new city landmark, why not spice it up?


It has to be said that the emergence of LED soft silicone neon lights, in technology to make up for the lack of old-fashioned glass neon lights and optical fiber, flexible production, convenient use, low cost, because of many advantages, it has won the favor of the commercial community, more numerous users and customers love.

Post time: Jul-21-2022