Outdoor lighting project: office building lighting points

In the early 1990s, the work building gradually became the representative construction of the city. With the overall acceleration of the national economy, more and more work buildings appeared, the overall image has become one of the important factors to measure the enterprise, but also the embodiment of the business image of the enterprise. building is a place for people to do business work, but also an important part of the city night scene, so what are the key points of lighting design for work building?
1.The construction structure and appearance characteristics are defined, and the surrounding environment is comprehensively considered. Starting from the needs of the light environment and aesthetic understanding, the function and beauty are achieved. The harmony and consistency of the lighting design and the building shape are noted together, which will not affect the construction of the daytime landscape, light pollution and other problems. Through the light to truly reflect the building of the senior and luxurious office building, also fully reflect the essence of modern office building.

2.The key points on the top of the work building are lighting treatment and outstanding outline, which convey the commercial value and make the whole building facade lighting uniform,the building and the surrounding lights thick and turbidity, outstanding building stand with the smell of modern construction.

3.Due to the large flow of people at the entrance and exit of the work building, in order to highlight its location, it should improve its illumination and increase the brightness of the entrance

4.Selection of light color: due to the functional construction of the work, the light color of the exterior wall flood lighting is mostly yellow and white, taboo the use of colorful light and a lot of dynamic changes of light color.

5.Selection of lamps and light source: the principle of lamps selection is that it is necessary to meet the requirements of light distribution, beautiful lamps, building appearance materials and modeling coordination, brand and quality should be safety and reliability, this is the primary reference basis, because it is the key factor affecting the quality of the project and later repair. Work building for high-rise construction, late repair works is more difficult!

6.Lighting control method: intelligent lighting control method. It is supplemented by active and manual control, as well as the control method of major festivals,day and night. Follow the principle of energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development, through the intelligent lighting control system, the work building is built into an energy saving and environmental protection lighting project.

Post time: Dec-16-2022