Should the interior design be equipped with strip light? LED lights are preferred for five locations in home decoration

The strip light gradually enters the household lighting. However, some people think it’s unnecessary to install strip light, and also increase the cost of decoration. In fact, if you can make good use of strip light, it can not only meet the lighting demand, but also add layers to the interior design.
There are five best choices to install strip light in interior design.
1.Install strip light in porch and shoe closet
Because the porch’s lighting is weaker, you can install a set of inductive strip light on the walls of porch, and shoe closet. When the door is open, the strip light will turn on automatically.
2.Install strip light in cupboard
It’s appropriate to install strip light under the kitchen cabinet and the edge of the cabinet. As supplementary lighting, some areas of kitchen are dark, it’s a good choice to equip a strip light.
3.Install strip light at the top of the wardrobe
It is convenient to install strip light at the top of wardrobe and bookcase. Strip light not only can help us take things, but also be more fashionable.
4.Install strip light under the bed
The function of strip light is adjusting the atmosphere. Installing the strip light under the bed and background wall can create a warm and soft atmosphere. It’s convenient for family members, especially for old people to go to toilet. The automatic induction light will not disturb others, and be good for mothers to look after their babies.
5.Install strip light on the edge of the mirror
Installing strip light on the edge of mirror can light up when we make up in front of the mirror.
LED strip light is used for interior design, making the whole housing lighting more warm and cozy. At the same time, LED strip light can meet rich installation space.

Post time: Jul-29-2022