The importance of LED strip lights in life

Where can Led strip lights be used in general? I believe many people don’t know. Here is a brief list of some commonly used places:

1. Jewelry showcases and other venues that need lighting decoration and beautification, the light of the LED light bar is soft, making the products in the showcase more attractive and dazzling;

2. Home dark groove edging, such as decorating Led strip lights on door frames, bar counters, wine cabinets, wardrobes, TV cabinets, etc., makes the room lighting more emotional without taking up indoor space;

3. LED engineering strip lightss can be used to illuminate the city outline, which will bring great improvement to the overall city image;

Led strip lights not only have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, but also have a beautiful appearance, which can play a very good decorative role when installed at home.

When the led engineering strip lights is installed, the outline outlined by itself can increase the layering of the indoor environment. If the shape of the strip lights is used well, the simple house structure will also have an amazing effect. It can be said that it is a small make-up for the house surgery.


LED lamp thermal characteristics test

The thermal characteristics of the LED have an important influence on the electrical characteristics of the optical characteristics of the LED. The thermal group and the junction temperature are the two main thermal properties of the ED. The thermal resistance refers to the thermal resistance between the P junction and the surface of the shell, that is, The relationship between the temperature difference along the heat flow channel and the power consumed on the channel

The junction temperature refers to the temperature of the PN junction of the LED.


Advantages of installation and construction: a variety of optional cutting, zero loss, more convenient.

Quality advantage: First-class light belt testing and testing to ensure that the product is refined and produced with excellent quality.

Fully automatic sterile and dust-free, anti-static production workshop, large-scale production.

LED lamp beads determine the lifespan of LED strips. You must not choose low-quality ones just because they are cheap. If you are greedy for cheap, you may get short lifespan and poor effect! Of course, it is not ruled out that you can find good quality and cheap prices. Yes, it is very important to choose a high-quality supplier (HENSAN LIGHT)

Post time: Nov-28-2022