We attend the 109th Canton fair

Yesterday, five days of concluded the first phase of the 109th Canton fair. The reporter learns from the municipal foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau, though influenced by political unrest in north Africa and the Middle East Japan earthquake, the number of buyers is relatively reduced, but the exhibitors made significant gains in zhuhai, with intention to turnover was $21.2 million, increased by 10.1% than the last.

“This year, there is much better than expected and less than 3 days, can finish the last order total.” Zhejiang hong-wei zhou heng sen photoelectric technology co., LTD. General manager, said this session of Canton fair, the company has reached more than $70 order, more than doubled over last year, including research and development of new products — LED mini light, because of small volume, high flexibility, Turkey, America, Middle East, Europe and other places buyers welcome, account for 10% of the total order.

“Good booth location, traffic, in the booth of 9 square metre, often crowded with customers, reception colleagues too busy to go to the toilet can’t.” Hong-wei zhou said, in addition to the already agreed on the order of the purchaser, and there are many buyers of their products is very interested. After back to Switzerland, as foreign trade sales follow-up, order it is expected that the company will also increase.

In addition to the new product sell like hot cakes, zhuhai many enterprises through this phase of the Canton fair, expanding new clients. “In addition to old customers from the United States, Western Europe, this time we also added clients from eastern Europe, India, South America.” Bada mechanical and electrical co., LTD., general manager du hae left said, this phase of the Canton fair, the company received more than $500 in interest order, increased by about 10% than the last.

The relevant person in charge of foreign trade and economic cooperation bureau said that this phase of the Canton fair, the zhuhai enterprises overall turnover stable growth, not affected by the political unrest in north Africa and the Middle East Japan earthquake. However, due to the same period have multiple professional automobile exhibitions at home and abroad, the shunt part for automobile purchasers, to a certain extent affect the conditions of automobile enterprise overall clinch a deal.

Post time: May-03-2011